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I'm Rex Van Ryn

The creator of the “English Magic Tarot”,

Hello, I’m Rex Van Ryn, the creator and original source of “The English Magic Tarot” and your guide on this site.

Here you’ll find lots of valuable information about the Genesis of the deck the creative team and how you can deepen your knowledge and skills in using this magical Tarot. I will also be sharing my exciting plans that aim to empower you thereby giving maximum benefit to your tarot readings. All is dedicated to bringing more magic into our lives.

It is said…. that in times of dynamic social unrest, “Magic” bubbles and spits as from the very land itself…… This is one of those times.

This captivating new tarot deck draws us into the vibrant but often hidden world of English magic, evoking a golden age of mysticism, a time when John Dee was Queen Elizabeth’s Court Astrologer, antiquarian John Aubrey rediscovered ancient sacred sites, and the great physicist Isaac Newton studied alchemy.

The English Magic Tarot reveals stories of joy, sorrow, drama and contentment, in a way no other cards have done before.

Please take some time to browse the site and enjoy the video.

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